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Delay for reverb????

Lately I’ve been getting creative with different effects and I’ve re visited one of the livest techniques that I’ve ever learned. It’s using delay for my reverb effect... essentially reverb is tons of small delays. (If you want a scholars in-depth look at reverb check out Mixing with reverb  by Mathew Weiss from the Pro Audio Files he has a dope reverb course that will take your skills and knowledge on the subject to the next level.) so you can create space by using delays set to smaller 1/64 1/32 cycles and spread them modulate them adjust the feedback amount etc. It tends to give you a tighter space with less clutter. It’s not a reverb replacement but it is a handy tool to give some space to an element of the mix that’s already drenched in verb. So give this a try. I bet u come up with something dope. 

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