Sessions run from $20-$100 per hour depending on what room/studio and engineer your session is in. 

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Mixing & Mastering   


Mixing, if done properly, is much like songwriting and arrangement in that it is an art. A mix can make or break the success of a production. Don't let your arrangements suffer with mediocre mixes. Let us combine the frequencies and control the dynamics in your arrangements  to bring your song to life. Mixes range from $100-$400 depending on what engineer you are working with and what quality of mix you are looking for.


Ex. A Mix Tape quality mix which is typically done to a Two Track and is generally considered great for promo, soundcloud, a mixtape, etc. This mix would be cheaper than a radio ready mix and it's what I usually suggest for songs that you only have a two track for or don't own and won't be able to sell on iTunes. 


A (radio ready, album quality) mix is typically done to a Tracked Out beat for songs that you own the rights to, and can sell on music sites for profit. This is the more serious side of a mix. It entails more in depth techniques to provide a professional balance, even stereo spread, and a sparkle to your raw recordings. It also sweetens the mix with reverbs, delays, and distortions. Removes pops, clicks, and crackles, and adds smooth fades, and crossfades.  Advanced EQ, compression, noise gating, reverb, delay, distortion, & de-essing using industry standard plugins, and hardware plus advanced mixing techniques such as saturation, envelope shaping, and parallel & sidechain compression and Bus compression to give a punchy, suitably loud, and cohesive mix. Also includes vocal tuning, vocal harmonies, manual vocal editing, and rhythm editing. 


If your unfamilier with the process we can help you decide what option is best for you. 


*D.J. service pack available upon request  (Instrumental, Acapella, Album Version, Radio Edit) and is used mostly for singles, and commercially released albums.

Hourly rates apply.  


Mastering is the final creative step in a production. Whether you're doing a single or full length album, do not over look the importance of the finishing touches on your production.

We can master your record for $40 per song at The Dojo Recording Studio.



We can outsource our mastering to a professional mastering engineer, that is multi- platinum selling and industry credited. Price varies depending on how many songs you are getting mastered.


1 song $200

4+ songs $185 per hour