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The Ultimate Auto-Tune Tutorial

This is the Ultimate Auto-Tune Tutorial! I noticed that a lot of auto-tune videos didn’t show what I feel are the two most important parts of getting the sound: 1. How to fine the Key of the Song. 2. You HAVE to record with the Auto-tune on. So in the video below I go over how to find the key of your song so you can properly setup the auto-tune. As well as general settings for basic pitch correction, or the Future/Post Malone sound. Hope this video is helpful, please hit me with any questions in the comments below. Check out more great content over at

Recording Equipment Must-Haves for Every Studio

Theres always a laundry list of questions new engineers/producers have when they start to get into the home recording studio business. What do i need to have to get a great sound? is always the first question on that list. In my 10 years of buying equipment and going through trial and error I've found a few things that have become a must for great sound no matter what level your skills are at. So heres a list of things you just shouldn't skimp on to get "That Sound" Room Treatment This is the most important piece of your studio because if you can't hear accurately you can't make the right decisions for your song. Do not skip this step when putting together your studio. There are countless ar

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