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Why SO LOUD!!!!!

Most common thing young producers do wrong ... They listen, mix, produce, way to loud. They listen to every sound and all playback at high volume and within an hour to a few hours they are not hearing things properly. There are a lot of things that come into play here like speakers, room, source material, sustained listening levels , etc. but all roads lead to the same place. Which is listening at loud levels will yield some poor decisions made in your mix. The scientific truths to this are explained in the fletcher munson curve study. Google it read about it and then apply it. It basically states that you hear more of specific frequencies at different volumes levels. if your listening loud you hear less details etc. Turning it up and down periodically to hear different frequencies will help you make better decisions than just cranking the levels the whole time your mixing. So turn it down and see how much it helps your next mix.

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