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This is a rough breakdown of the course, but is not entirely accurate, because the course takes a holistic approach to recording. You cannot talk about getting a great vocal sound without talking about mastering…

We will go over every aspect of the process from sound treatment to signal chain to gear to plug ins. There will be  training on recording theory, workflow and core components of great audio. We dive deep into understanding phase, dynamics, gain staging and proper recording techniques the most important components of great sounding recordings

(we spend a lot of time on compression and how it applies to recording, mixing and mastering).

We explain mic theory so you can have control over your own mic placement and get the kinds of sounds you want. In addition to the technical aspects, we also dive into the production side of recording: How to get the right sounds and performances for the recording you are trying to make.

We go step by step through the recording process, from the sequence of events to the tools used, and why. Steve White will show you how to get dramatic results using the same equipment and plug ins used on the music you hear day to day on the radio. This will be an opportunity to see a song go from recorded to mixed  to mastered all in a 10 hr class. It will be a lot of information to grasp in a short amount of time, but it will be a valuable inside look of a professional mix process.  

Price is 200$ per slot with only 10 slots available. 

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