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Book a Session at the Dojo

At the Dojo we can record mix, and master your recording. The time you book can also be used for song writing collaboration and overall production of your project. Just remember to be clear when you book on your intentions for the session so we can be ready. Your recording session starts on time you choose so make sure you are ready. Once you submit the time, we will send you an invoice for a deposit of half the session cost. You have 48 hours to pay the deposit or your time will be released. If you are booking under 48 hours the deposit is due upon receiving the invoice.


Studio Time Policy

Standard Operating Policies & Procedures

Cash deposits are acceptable. (Note: You first have to make a cash deposit before a date is requested).

Once the session is booked and the deposit has been processed the time slot that you desire will be confirmed.

PLEASE BE ON TIME! The clock starts at the start time of the booked studio session and arriving late does not push the timetable back.

  • THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS OR REIMBURSEMENTS OF ANY KIND FOR LATE ARRIVALS (unless the engineer is late or technical difficulties on Dojo’s behalf causes an issue) the remaining 50% of the total amount is due before the start of your studio session. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • We Do NOT accept personal checks or gift cards of any kind.

  • We accept money orders & cashier’s checks issued by banks or financial institutions (in the form of initial deposits only).

  • We accept credit/debit card payments. There will be a 3% Convenience Fee added to each credit card transaction.

If you book a session and want to schedule another session before you leave our facilities, you can book with us before your departure. Simply check the availability of the facility and make your 50% security deposit and the date is confirmed on spot for you next studio session. 

NOTE: 5-10 minutes of your time towards the end of you session should be allotted for CD’s, copies of studio sessions, file transfers, bounce downs, etc.


(clients that fail to meet the above requirement may be subject to additional fees.)

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